For more than 30 years, we have believed in the wonderful virtues of the tree and we know how important it is for our future. This is why we plant but also preserve and regenerate in France and around the world. Already 120 million trees planted, the adventure continues!

5 million planted trees in France!

The World Environment Day 2021 is the perfect day for the Yves Rocher Foundation...

Without trees, we are nothing. They are essential for future generations, essential to life.
PlantForLife Set

Jacques Rocher
Founder of the Yves Rocher Foundation
and tree planter  

Deforestation is reaching all-time highs. Today the equivalent of 800 forest football pitches still disappear every hour. Since 1990, 420 million hectares of forest have been wiped off the map. Faced with this emergency, we have been planting trees for 30 years, in 40 countries, alongside our 60 partner NGOs working locally. With this great collective of thousands of enthusiasts, we put our hands in the ground and have already, together, planted more than 120 million trees.



Our 3 complementary action lever


Develop agroforestry

We support projects that allow farmers to live and feed us while preserving local biodiversity. Our flagship projects: France, Italy, Netherlands, Mexico, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Togo.


Restore forests

We support projects for the restoration, management and free evolution of forests that respect their compositions, their natural cycles and promote the resilience of tree ecosystems. Our flagship projects: Germany, Switzerland, Portugal.


Encourage civic engagement

We act to encourage the action of a vast community of committed actors in France and around the world by supporting projects to (re)connect to nature and trees.

Our actions around the world

Discover our areas of action by clicking on the map. France, Netherlands, Italy, Togo, Ethiopia, Mexico…
We plant and preserve trees in 40 countries with an amazing tribe of volunteers.


30 years

of action

1 tree planted 

every 4,5 seconds

More than 120 million

trees planted

icone web

40 action


60 NGO supported

 around the world

In the world

We carry out our planting, preservation and regeneration actions in 40 countries, hand in hand with our 60 partner NGOs. Thanks to their expertise and their roots in the field, together we build tailor-made projects adapted to each local context. Our common specifications guarantee the quality of planting methods, seed and plant sourcing and project monitoring. We favor the planting of diversified and adapted species, ideally endemic species produced locally, without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Together, we are living an incredible human adventure made up of strong encounters and the immense joy of seeing, following our common actions, nature regain its rights.

IN france  :  the FONDS POUR L’ARBRE

Soil protection, water quality, carbon storage,… The services provided by the hedge are immense. However, in France, more than 11,500 km of hedges disappear each year. A real ecological disaster that endangers the future of our countryside. Faced with this major challenge, we have created with our partner AFAC-Agroforesteries, the Tree Fund. His mission ? Deploy a quality planting and regeneration program throughout the territory, train farmers in the preservation of hedges and promote the cause of hedges loud and clear to the general public and politicians. Already more than 10 sponsors have joined us in this great collective adventure!


In Togo, India, Germany… By acting in nurseries, planting trees, participating in restoration actions, young volunteers, from childhood to adulthood, lend us a hand in many of our shares. In France, we support the Association des Enfants et des Arbres, which each year enables thousands of students to get involved alongside farmers to build a more sustainable and united future.


In 2021, the Yves Rocher Foundation obtained Committed Partner for Nature recognition, an initiative supported by the National Office for Biodiversity, for two of its programs, including Plant For Life! #PEN

& trees
But who is hiding behind our trees?
Wangari Maathai prix Nobel de la paix et marraine de la campagne Plant for the planet de l’ONU
Proches de la nature et de la terre par leur travail et les rôles qu’elles exercent dans leur vie quotidienne, les femmes sont des actrices...

Tell me about the trees

jacques rocher la gacilly plantons pour la planète

The Terre de Femmes programme & The Yves Rocher Foundation

Focus on

Jacques Rocher planter of trees


With Afac-Agroforesteries, our French partner for the Plant for the Planet programme since 2010, we set ourselves the objective of planting 3 million trees by 2018. And we did it!...

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Trees for all!

Congratulations on reaching our goal: 100 million trees have been planted! Our commitment beyond borders was made possible thanks to the efforts of the thousands of planters that m...

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Plant for the Planet in France withAfac-Agroforesteries

Hedgerows close to home

Did you know? France has lost 70% of its hedges since 1950 and 11,500 km of hedges disappear each year. And yet hedges are essential to biodiversity, providing shelter, food and sa...

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To follow us is already to commit!


Experiencing nature with children in the heart of the forest in Portugal. A photography mission entrusted to Juan Manuel Castro Prieto


PORTUGAL RISING FROM THE ASHES In Portugal, huge swathes of agricultural land we...

100 reasons to plant trees

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