5 million planted trees in France!

The World Environment Day 2021 is the perfect day for the Yves Rocher Foundation to celebrate its 5 million planted trees in France in 11 years.

 Our partner Afac-Agroforesteries and us challenged ourselves in 2018: plant 5 million trees by 2021. 5 million trees correspond to 5 000 kilometers, that’s 5 times the distance between Bray-Dune (the northernmost town in France) and Puig de Coma Negra (the southernmost town in France).

How did we manage to plant 5 million trees by 2021?

After celebrating 3 million planted trees in France with our partner Afac-Agroforesteries in 2018, we challenged ourselves to plant 5 million trees by 2021. On this World Environment Day, we are glad to announce you that, once again, we succeeded!

Since 2010, we have been able to plant 5 million trees, which 1 million are labeled Végétal Local. And this is thanks to you! Thanks to our principal sponsor Yves Rocher, to whom we were able to finance our actions. Thanks as well to the 2 000 planters, whether they are employees, volunteers or farmers! Without you, nothing would have been possible. We cling to thank especially Afac-Agroforesteries, our partner and friend since more than ten years, with whom we go up and down France to make our landscapes relive.

Between 2015 and 2020, more than 2 000 employees took part in animations led by Yves Rocher and thus managed to plant 20 000 trees. The sanitary crisis we went through this year didn’t stop us carrying out our actions. It shot us out our motivation to go further and further. Indeed, many of us took conscience of what was essential to us; getting closer to nature is part of it.

After 3 million trees in 2018, 5 million in 2021, what’s next?

5 million country trees planted, this is 5 000 kilometers of reforested soils, this is 5 times the distance between North and South of France. But, as a comparison, each year 11 500 kilometers of trees are removed in France. In other ways, still today, more hedgerows are destroyed than planted. This means that we shall not spare any effort and keep on targeting even further!

In order to propel their action, the Yves Rocher Foundation and Afac-Agroforesteries put their strength together into the Fonds pour l’Arbre to be able to welcome new sponsors. Thanks to this funds, our action will take a new dimension and we will be able to speed up our race to reforestation while still preserving and looking after our living trees. Let’s go to 750 000 kilometers of planted hedgerows (25 million trees) on the French territory! We already have enough money to plant 120 000 kilometers of hedgerows, help us collect money to finance the missing 630 000 kilometers by visiting the Fonds pour l’Arbre website.

Thanks to the 2000 planters

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