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Donating for biodiversity

Support by our side the people committed to the protection of biodiversity.

Donating to the Yves Rocher Foundation means accompanying women who carry out vital projects for our planet, and participating in the plantation of trees in France and in the whole world.

It also means supporting photographers who are the witness of the urgent need to act, it means acquiring a better understanding of plants, and preserving them.

Each of us, at our own level, have the power to work towards a better environment. For some, this involves small day-to-day gestures. For others, this means participation in on-field events. There are those, women and men, who devote their lives to the preservation of the environment, others transform their way of consuming, their habits.

Our Foundation’s mission, now recognised to be of public interest, is to put biodiversity at the heart of each and everyone’s lives, by bringing support and financial aid to local, alternatives and powerful actions all around the world. To date, more then 100 million trees have been planted, 450 women are supported in their commitment towards the environment, in more than 50 countries involved.

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