35 countries of plantations around the world

Our commitment beyond borders is made possible thanks to the efforts of our thousands of planters in our international tribe. Thanks to them and the expertise of 42 NGOs, our Plant for the Planet programme is active in 35 countries and is bringing us ever-closer to our goal of planting 100 million trees by 2020

Water, drought, pollution, soil erosion and depletion, and the growing vulnerability of flora and fauna: the problems are manifold, and trees are the one and only solution.

In the far-flung reaches of Kenya, we have been working with activists from the Green Belt Movement to provide everyday support to the men and women working to protect endangered forests.

By supporting Ethiopia’s nurseries through Green Ethiopia, we’re supporting planters who have decided to take back control of their destinies and build a better future for the planet and their communities. By taking action against the proliferation of eucalyptus trees, an invasive species that is harmful to local soil, we’ve helped them to plant 32 million trees, transform the landscape across an entire region, restore greenery to the valleys, replenish the soil, and revive hope.
In Germany, we’ve lent our support to committed, aware and proactive young people working to protect their future by reforesting and preserving forests that have been damaged by pollution.

In India, Madagascar, Malawi, Togo, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, the Netherlands and beyond, our work transcends national borders, bringing people together through the universal language of trees. This success, achieved as a group, is an immense source of pride and a reason to be optimistic for the entire world.

ERASMUS for tree planters

Our commitment to the cause is expressed through the many different bonds we have forged.

Every year, we organise exchanges between tree planters from around the world. This innovative support scheme helps people with planting projects, enabling them to travel abroad and visit other regions to perfect their techniques and expertise. As they travel, they discover the various challenges faced by trees around the world and the work being carried out by other planters in other places. By going beyond borders and coming together as a single, united force, we’re continuing to take action to change the world.

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