Ruhama Getahun international award

How to apply for the International Award


In 2019, the Fondation Yves Rocher launched the new Terre de Femmes International Award.

For its third edition in 2021, the theme is “Seeds, the guardians of our nutritive heritage & of biodiversity”.

The Terre de Femmes International Award will be presented to a woman or a collective of women committed to improving general awareness and understanding of seeds through tangible initiatives implemented by a not-for-profit organisation (an NGO, foundation, charity or association). The aim is to promote the key role played by seeds and seed reproduction in safeguarding the planet’s nutritive heritage and biodiversity.

If you are a woman citizen of this beautiful planet and you are working to preserve it, if your project corresponds to the theme set this year, don’t wait any longer ! Apply starting in September 16,  and fill in the Call for Applications form. 

Postuler international award 2021 les graines gardiennes de la biodiversité
SUPPORT comitted women,
initiatives in favour of biodiversity and the Foundation's work.
#let's cultivate commitment

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