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Prix photo visa pour l'image Fondation Yves Rocher Mathias Depardon crise de l'eau Turquie Irak
Ruhama Getahun international award
jacques rocher la gacilly plant for the planet

Jacques Rocher

encourages us to get out and plant

Louis Dolmans

Louis Dolmans is the co-founder of our partner association Heg&Landschap, as well as a farmer and devoted tree planter who is working...
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Rural hedgerows

The wonderful world of hedgerows

Despite their rather quaint name, rural hedgerows are incredibly useful. True havens for biodiversity, hedgerows are vital for...
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jean-philippe beau-douëzy écologue fondation yves rocher

Jean-Philippe Beau-Douëzy

Ecologist Jean-Philippe Beau-Douëzy joined the Foundation at the very start, working with Jacques Rocher to co-found the Plant for...
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Axelle de Russé’s Togo reforestation report, in partnership with the APAF

Axelle de Russé

Born in 1978, French photojournalist Axelle de Russé is well known for her work investigating the ills that plague our modern...
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Phil Hatcher-Moore, a journalist fighting for the planet

Phil Hatcher-Moore

The Yves Rocher Foundation commissioned British photojournalist Phil Hatcher-Moore to explore three large regions of France (Brittany,...
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Jean Jouzel

Renowned climatologist Jean Jouzel is a prominent specialist in the issues surrounding climate change. For years, he has been...
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Lamya Essemlali

Lamya Esemlali is the chair of the NGO Sea Shepherd France. Here, she shares her vision of a mistreated planet and her determination...
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Guillaume Herbaut, committed journalist

Guillaume Herbaut

In the context of its photography missions, the Yves Rocher Foundation commissioned Guillaume Herbaut to explore the gorgeous yet...
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Tarik Chekchak

From helping companies in developing countries to adopt new ways of operating to leading polar expeditions, former Cousteau team...
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God’s Honey

Yves Rocher Foundation – Visa pour l’Image 2019 award winner Nadia is an American photojournalist based in Rome. Her work...
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Brent Stirton

The Yves Rocher Foundation commissioned photojournalist Brent Stirton to visit Ethiopia and document the reforestation initiatives...
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Julien Vidal

Writer, blogger and environmental campaigner Julien Vidal aims to share the joys of helping to fight for the planet. In his two books...
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Prix photo visa pour l'image Fondation Yves Rocher Mathias Depardon crise de l'eau Turquie Irak

Gold Rivers – The Land in Between

Mathias Depardon, winner of the 2020 Yves Rocher Foundation – Visa pour l’Image Photo Award, is a French photojournalist whose...
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Mathias Depardon

Born in Nice in 1980, Mathias Depardon uses an immersive documentary approach to go to the heart of themes that reveal important...
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Photography mission
Committed to reforestation
Views on Ethiopia by Brent Stirton, the Templar of photography

Our initiatives

FAUSTO PODAVINI. Reportage en Ethiopie, vallée de l’Omo

Committed to biodiversity


It’s a fact: biodiversity is at risk right now. Yet our future depends on it.

This is why, at the Yves Rocher Foundation, we support women and men taking action to change the world.

We support women who work every day on projects that generate hope and foster solidarity.
By planting 100 million trees around the world, we, along with the planting community, are helping biodiversity to regain its rightful place.

We support committed photographers who use their perspective to bear witness to the state of our planet.

As a source of life, plants are our future, and the Foundation is committed to safeguarding the plant world.

At the Yves Rocher Foundation, we believe that individuals can change the world.By supporting projectsand sharing our vision, together we can take action for the future of our planet.



Jacques ROCHER

Tree planter and Honorary Chairman of the Yves Rocher Foundation.


Following us, is already making a commitment!

#let’s cultivate commitment together

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