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Rising from the ashes

Marta Pinto, the first winner of the Terre de Femmes Portugal Award, is utterly devoted to the natural world and is working to counteract the ravages triggered by intensive monoculture of maritime pine and eucalyptus trees in Portugal’s Porto region.

Marta’s commitment to her cause is all-encompassing, as she and her Futuro association fight tirelessly to eradicate eucalyptus trees, an invasive species that dries out the soil and contributes to forest fires. To counteract this ecological disaster, Marta decided to plant indigenous trees, putting native species that are more resistant to fires and beneficial to local flora and fauna back in the heart of the landscape.

Fire-fighting together
She has successfully managed to rally around a number of volunteers and local political and social stakeholders to help her achieve her goal of protecting the native forests that act as ramparts for the surrounding villages against the scourge of forest fires.

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