Terre de Femmes

Lack of water, flooding, erosion of agricultural land and biodiversity…

Women, who are often the most exposed to the consequences of climate change, know better than anyone how important it is to protect the environment. Since 2001, with our Terre de Femmes Award, we have been supporting all the heroines out there who are striving to preserve biodiversity and change the world.




More than 450 winners in 50 countries


The International Award is a prize aimed at all wo...

500 women awarded in 50 beneficiary countries


The strength of our women is a boon for our societies

Driven by this conviction, Jacques Rocher created the Terre de Femmes Award in 2001. Since then, about 500  women in our 15 partner countries have been recognised for their efforts.

Working in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, the deforested valleys of Ethiopia or the polluted riverbanks in and around Paris, all of these women resolved to take action to help the environment. Their initiatives extend to 50 different countries, and are either small or large in scope. Regardless, these heroines inject everyday life with hope, and that’s precisely what makes them exceptional.
Discover the projects of our Terre de Femmes winners


Terre de Femmes: a world of initiatives

So how does it work?

  1. If you are a national of one of our partner countries (Austria, Belgium, France ,Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Morocco, The Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey or Ukraine), you can apply for the Terre de Femmes Award locally on your chosen theme.
  2. If you have a different nationality, you can apply to the International Award instead, provided that your initiative is fully in keeping with the pre-determined theme chosen for that year.

Committed women acting to change the world

20 years

of experience

About 500 



€2 million

paid in funding

Initiatives implemented

in 50 countries



15 participating countries




With the Terre de Femmes Award, we wanted to add our humble contribution to the 2030 sustainable development objectives set out by the United Nations. We have thus chosen to lend our support to even more women working on related issues. The award also gives them the rare opportunity to join our unique Yves Rocher Foundation community.

Offering regular meetings, workshops, thematic conferences and knowledge-pooling mornings with other structures, the Terre de Femmes community is a form of empowerment for women, where like-minded individuals can connect and discuss their experiences, train, learn, understand, save time and energy, and nurture their shared sense of solidarity and commitment to changing the world.


Are you a woman implementing an environmental initiative at the end of your street or on the other side of the world? Try your luck and submit your application (by completing the call for applications form and our twenty-page application pack) to be in with a chance of winning between €3000 and €10,000 in funding! This award is also a unique opportunity to bring your commitment to light and join a community of committed and supportive women who are strong and determined to go further together.
The winners
& their initiatives
Committed to biodiversity
anna prokaeva zero waste
In 2017, Anna founded the Kharkiv Zero Waste recycling company and its initiatives: “Eco-School”, “Save the Bag”, “Footbank_kh” and “Reuse_lab”. Anna Prokaeva is currently a...
Tell me about your commitment
stella deetjen lauréate terre de femmes

Stella Deetjen

Light carrier

The strength of women
can change the world
Discover the stories of our Terre de Femmes winners

Discover the projects of our Terre de Femmes winners

All over the world, they are committed to biodiversity. Discover all the projects.




2019 Terre de Femmes France Ceremony

2019 Terre de Femmes France Ceremony

Emotion, encouragements and a bright, promising future for their initiatives Marion, Amandine and Solène ventured down from their mountains, fields and tropical forests to accept t...

Read more

Following us, is already making a commitment!

#let’s cultivate commitment together

The situation of women around the world in the face of climate change


More vulnerable and exposed to environmental issues, women are also more proacti...

2019 Terre de Femmes France Ceremony

2019 Terre de Femmes France Ceremony

Backstage at the ceremony in France

milène matos portugal

Milène Matos

Blue eyes and a green heart

Partners of the Terre de Femmes programme


The Terre de Femmes programme

& The Yves Rocher Foundation

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