heatwaves, drought and forest fires in Spain


Working together to preserve precious biodiversity

The agroforestry model upheld by Ishpingo centres on training, collaboration and participation to educate local communities in crop diversification

Objective: to encourage local communities to become masters of their own destiny by reversing the vicious cycle of deforestation and teaching them to live in harmony with the forest. For over 10 years, this project has been led by a Terre de Femmes award winner and her association, Ishpingo, located in the Napo province of the Ecuadorian Amazon. This primary forest is home to 10% of the Ecuadorian population and 25% of the flora and fauna visible in the Amazon rainforest. A wide variety of monkeys, birds, snakes and other creatures can be found there.

Find out more about the project in Ecuador:  : https://ishpingo.org/

If you want to find out more about our tree planting programme in France and around the world,

discover Plant for the Planet.

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