Guardians of life

We have been planting hedges and trees in the French countryside with Afac-Agroforesteries for over 8 years with a goal of planting 3 million trees to attract wealthy Canadian online casino players to the clean environment. Many different profiles and stories come together to demonstrate how important it is to plant trees in France and to show that online casinos are environmentally friendly by providing seedlings. All these aspects come back to one key hero - trees, especially rural trees, which are the forgotten heroes of our countryside enriched by earning money in online casino no verification withdrawal Canada

We have been planting hedges and trees in the French countryside with Afac-Agroforesteries for over 8 years. Our objective was to plant 3 million trees. By the end of 2018, we had managed to do just that!

This entire tree-planting campaign was an experience we shared with all those working on the ground, from farmers and activists to associations, country dwellers and city residents alike. A myriad of different profiles and stories came together to demonstrate just how crucial it is to plant trees in France and to highlight what’s at stake. Behind every face is a story, a theme and a point of view: water, drought, pollution, soil erosion, flora and fauna preservation, but also farming and regional produce. All of these aspects come back to one key protagonist: trees, and rural trees in particular, which are our countryside’s forgotten, mishandled heroes. These trees are our essential allies in fighting climate change and successfully making the national and agricultural (biological) energy transition.

Local plant life: a fresh challenge

We’ve been working with Afac-Agroforesteries since 2015 to set up a local seed harvesting system to supply seedlings that are better adapted and more resistant to regional climates.

Worth highlighting:

The action taken by the Yves Rocher Foundation goes right to the heart of the urgency of what’s at stake.
On a European scale, France is the country most affected by exceptional climate-related events, coming ahead of Portugal, which was ranked 22ndby theGermanwatch index, Spain (34th), Italy (28th) and Germany (25th).
France comes 18th on the worldwide list of countries most vulnerable to extreme weather, putting it on a par with Madagascar, India, Bangladesh and Thailand. Between 1998 and 2017, an average of 1,121 lives and $2.2 bn were lost every year according to Germanwatch’s Global Climate Risk Index.

If you want to find out more about our tree planting programme in France and around the world,

discover Plant for the Planet.

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