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The gardeners of the forest

West Africa is faced with significant environmental problems. Re-establishing agroforestry is a foolproof way of improving lives.

Women, nature technicians


Togo is known as a country rich in landscapes: green hills, prodigious waterfalls or endless beaches. However, it is subject to serious problems of degradation of its natural resources and ecosystems.

The consequences of this phenomenon are the damage to arable land and making difficult the work of farmers. To be able to supply the towns of Lomé and Tsévié with vegetables, they are forced to use the land on the banks of the Zio river. This practice silts up the river which comes out of its bed and floods the local population and the Lomé population. To reduce the risk of flooding and improve people’s food security, we must reforest!

The project

The project of Youth for a Green Nature consists in reforesting the gallery forest of the Zio river. In order to carry out this project, the Fondation Yves Rocher finance awareness projects on environmental protection and training in agroforestry. Together, the Fondation Yves Rocher and Youth for a Green Nature produce nurseries of fertilizing and forest trees.

The objectives are multiple. The first step is to improve the living conditions of rural women in the Zio Valley. Then, in a second step, it is a question of stopping the floods caused by the siltation of the Zio river.

It is planned to plant 200,000 trees of local origin by 2022.

Few words on NGO

Youth for a Green Nature is an human scale association, created in 2020. Its headquarters are in Tsévié. In June 2020, in memory of the victims of Covid-19, Youth fo a Green Nature carried out a reforestation of 4000 trees in Gbokope.

Our previous project in Togo


Soil erosion and degradation of arable land result in a growing loss of natural resources, with an impact on agricultural productivity.

The Association for the Promotion of Fertilizer Trees, Agroforestry and Forestry (APAF) operates in several African countries by promoting the introduction of so-called fertilizer trees into farmers’ fields. Alongside APAF, the Foundation has made people aware of ancestral know-how on the production and protection of trees that are both nurturing, protective and sacred.

If you want to find out more about our tree planting programme in France and around the world,

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