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The Maya nut: the treasure of Yucatán

The forgotten Maya nut offers a wealth of benefits. Indigenous and adapted to the environment, it encourages the development of local flora and fauna, such as the Melipona bee.

The project led by the Biomimicry association was implemented in collaboration with the Mayan communities of the Yucatán peninsula. The idea is to combine research into the oxalogenic trees that have been planned in Yucatán for a long time with agroforestry-led reforesting resulting in sustainable subsistence resources that can be replicated over time.

In practice, this means offering direct solutions to the needs and challenges identified by the communities themselves, particularly those surrounding diversification of food and income sources within a deteriorating agricultural context.

Learn more about the projetof the Mexique and  papillon Monarque : https://www.wwf.fr/vous-informer/effet-panda/le-monarque-reprend-ses-droits

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