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18 Jan 18


The Foundation

Jacques Rocher committed to planting a million trees in 2007 following an encounter with Wangari Maathai, the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Ten years after their meeting, the Yves Rocher Foundation is now looking to plant 100 million trees worldwide by 2020. This crazy challenge is easier said than done in this era where blind development is causing the greatest deforestation in the history of humanity. To lead this combat, the Foundation has joined forces with a number of NGOs specialised in reforestation and set up in the countries with the most urgent needs in this area.

Ethiopia, Togo, India, France and Portugal

Each of us has a different perspective on the world and it is these differences that enhance our viewpoints. Photos of the world make a contribution so, with all of this in mind, Jacques Rocher and his Yves Rocher Foundation decided to call in nine renowned photographers to raise awareness of these reforestation issues and the link between trees, land and people.

Running from 2018 to 2020, this photographic project responds to the particularly urgent need to report on this field and marvel at more than 15 years of reforestation work in the region by the Yves Rocher Foundation and the NGOs it supports – and to highlight all that remains to be done.

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