Terre de Femmes : 500 women awarded in 50 beneficiary countries

This year, the Terre de Femmes scheme turns 20! Today, it encompasses nearly 500 exceptional women working in 50 beneficiary countries.

Each in their own unique way, these women have all embarked on a mission to help save the natural world. From reforestation and water management to educational gardens, plastic recycling and zero waste initiatives, the Terre de Femmes winners are committed to change in its many guises. Some of them rolled up their sleeves and joined us to plant thousands of trees around the world, nurturing the Plant for Life initiative as their own. In just two decades, nearly 500 projects in 50 beneficiary countries have been successfully rolled out, inspiring thousands of men and women to initiate change and support others along the way.

Because we believe that the future of humanity depends on the active contribution of women, and because their hard work is making the world a more sustainable and peaceful place, we wanted to pay tribute to them. This award was created to thank them, and to showcase their many efforts.

Discover all our Terre de Femmes laureates and their incredible projects: https://www.yves-rocher-fondation.org/les-laureates/.

SUPPORT comitted women,
initiatives in favour of biodiversity and the Foundation's work.
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