Zaina Bouhachmoud

Growing medicinal plants and herbs

Zaina works with Coopérative Agricole Alouss to help generate economic development in her region, ward off desertification and protect endangered plant species.

Zaina set up Coopérative Agricole Alouss in the heart of the Targa N’touchka oasis, creating the first hub for protecting plant species in the process, where she runs invaluable eco-friendly activities and creates job and income opportunities for the local community centred around the medicinal plants and herbs sector.

In 2012, a year after she founded Coopérative Agricole Alouss, Zaina set up a medicinal plant and herb bagging and distillation unit. She prepared a 2,000 m² plot of farm land in which she planted local species of medicinal plants and herbs. Since 2015, the cooperative has been selling punnets of medicinal plants and herbs at markets while participating in national and international trade fairs.

Coopérative Agricole Alouss aims to bolster sustainable socio-economic development across the entire region. Growing and producing several species of medicinal plants, herbs and essential oils restores financial independence and autonomy to local communities.

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