Nadia Shira Cohen, winner of the 2019 Yves Rocher Foundation Visa Premier Award

Nadia Shira Cohen

Curiosité & métissage

Born in Boston in 1977, Nadia Shira Cohen has always had an insatiable curiosity for the unknown and the world around her. An alternative schooling set-up and her experience of a long period of illness shaped the woman she is today, lending her a unique creative streak and sensitivity.

Nadia fell in love with photography at a very young age, and subsequently began working for several agencies as a photojournalist. She has been a freelance photographer based in Rome since 2007. We caught up with her at the Visa Pour l’Image Festival in Perpignan in 2019, where she told us more about her latest project, God’s Honey, for which the Foundation presented her with the Yves Rocher Foundation Award.

Are you working on a photojournalism project with a message to share, with the emphasis on the environment and the relationship between humankind and nature?

If so, apply to the Yves Rocher Foundation & Visa pour l’Image Photo Award to be in with a chance of winning a grant, an exhibition and support from artists committed to a cause.
Discover Nadia Shira Cohen’s work on her website:

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