Plants & Biodiversity

The Yves Rocher Foundation is committed to protecting the plant world and biodiversity.

Plants are a ray of hope for our future.




Combining culture and plants on an incredible journey


A window on the beauty of nature


Committed to the future

Raising awarness

Stimulating the senses and consciences


Embrace new horizons at Royaumont Abbey

Take a breath of fresh air

Plants are at the heart of life and are our most important battle. Far from being inexhaustible, biodiversity is increasingly under threat with every passing day.

While Jacques Rocher deliberately seeks to sound the alarm with this statement, he is also confident that our willingness to take action will prevail. With our Plants & Biodiversity programme, we have grasped the urgency of the situation and have focused our energy on the fight to sustain a world under threat: biodiversity. This commitment is essential to the balance of all living things, human or otherwise.
Our duty is to defend biodiversity.

Our Plants & Biodiversity programme is focused on three key areas: knowledge, preservation and awareness. Three key steps to protect all living things.
Our commitment takes the form of sponsorships granted to the botanists, researchers and scientists who are leading the way with their efforts on the ground.

Initiatives to maintain the balance between all living things




young people now more aware


associations supported

Les chimpanzés vus par Sabrina Krief


A window on the beauty

of nature



Supporting scientific missions to study wildlife in remote areas, helping to publish the books of plant experts, accompanying the meticulous work of renowned primatologists in Africa or Madagascar: our curiosity is what drives our involvement. But it is also essential, because in order to protect biodiversity, we have a duty to find out all we can about it.


Committed to the future

Preservation means taking action before it is too late. The situation is already urgent, so we are summoning our resources and experts to restore bruised lands and endangered species: on the island of Ouessant,for example, we are working to preserve wild pollinators. In this case and in many others, we are striving to preserve the fragile beauty of nature while we still can.

Préserver le végétal
Sensibiliser à la richesse du monde végétal


Rousing the senses
and consciences



Sharing and transmitting is a duty. Whether on the ground or in the classroom, with students and teachers alike, we endorse the dissemination of knowledge and trips in the natural world to accompany our future guardians of environmental protection.

& initiatives
To preserve biodiversity
Pierre-Henri Gouyon source of inspiration yves rocher foundation
Pierre-Henri is a geneticist and a professor at the École Polytechnique and the Natural History Museum in Paris. He is also a member of the...

Tell me about the world of living things



RémyEstavil, sheep and crop farmer

Rémy Estavil

His family and his flock

A world of baobabs
by Pascal Maitre
A kind and colourful look at the bond between
baobabs and humans in Madagascar


Supporting the Conservatoire National Botanique de Brest in its quest to preserve biodiversity and save the Ekman’s magnolia tree, an indigenous species of Haiti


Protecting biodiversity. These two simple words convey a major fundamental commitment to the future of our planet. We’re working to support this cause within the context of plants,...

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Protecting chimpanzees with Sabrina Krief


Biodiversity is an entire universe of life forms, both microscopic and monumental, waiting to be discovered, understood, protected and contemplated. For over 20 years, we’ve been s...

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Following us is already making a commitment!

#let’s cultivate commitment together

jean-philippe beau-douëzy écologue fondation yves rocher

Jean-Philippe Beau-Douëzy

Firmly rooted ideas

dominique bona académie française source of inspiration yves rocher foundation

Dominique Bona

Reading between Nature’s lines

The Ferme de l’Abondance in hedgerow country

Hedgerows and biodiversity

An experience saving trees in the countryside

Partners of the Plants & Biodiversity


Yves Rocher Foundation

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