Raising awarness

Stimulating the senses and consciences

Raising awareness about the beauty and fragility of biodiversity is a commitment that is essential to protecting life on our planet.

For many years, we have been channelling our expertise into sharing our beliefs and attempting to generate a better understanding of the relationship between mankind and the natural world. As part of this action, we support the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Supérieures de Sciences Sociales, a school that works with Florence Brunois to run an ethnobotany seminar for anthropology students. The idea is to give them a new perspective about life on Earth, which we must now urgently protect. This year, the students had the opportunity to reflect on the theme: ‘Becoming One with Plants’.



Sharing thoughts and ideas on plants

The programme features a hands-on introduction to Western botany and, more importantly, a wider reflection about our relationship with plants. At Chaalis Abbey, Royaumont Abbey and the Manoir de Kerazan, we are helping to protect some truly exceptional gardens that are precious fragments of our cultural and plant heritage.


Supporting seminars for young researchers, teaching children about biodiversity and the richness of the plant world, and promoting our plant heritage are all examples of the work we’re involved in across France.

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