Protecting chimpanzees with Sabrina Krief


A window on the beauty of nature

Biodiversity is an entire universe of life forms, both microscopic and monumental, waiting to be discovered, understood, protected and contemplated.

For over 20 years, we’ve been supporting the women and men working – often behind the scenes – to ensure that biodiversity is studied and acknowledged.

From Robinson Crusoe Island – in an archipelago off the coast of Chile, where we joined an expedition to study an exceptional biosphere reserve that is home to 60% of the island’s indigenous species – to the far-flung depths of the African forests – where we supported the work being carried out by Sabrina Krief, a primatologist studying monkeys capable of using plants for healing.

Our curiosity is insatiable and our commitment unwavering.



An entire world of biodiversity.

We recently supported the Helpsimus association in Madagascar with their work to preserve primary forests by creating inventories of local flora and fauna. Closer to home, in France’s Meuse region, we support the CPIE project tasked with studying flora in areas facing potential hazards from property development. Whether in France or on the other side of the world, there’s an entire living world out there just waiting to be explored and understood.

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