The Terre de Femmes 2021 ceremony

20 ans déjà…

This year, the Terre de Femmes France 2021 ceremony took place on International Women’s Day (8th March). And these unprecedented times called for an unprecedented ceremony, where we could celebrate 20 years of the scheme and our award winners in a COVID-friendly way!

It’s official: three new heroines have joined the Terre de Femmes club! Their commitment will enrich our ever bigger and stronger community bent on working together to help protect the planet.
And because this year was a little bit different, we wanted to highlight and pay tribute to one of our previous winners with a SPECIAL 20TH ANNIVERSARY AWARD in celebration of her courage, tenacity and sustained efforts.

Congratulations to Naomi, Lotty and Joanne, our three France 2021 winners. And welcome to the Terre de Femmes family! A huge well done to Émilie for all her hard work, too. Here, we look back at this unique, online ceremony full of good cheer! Warning : the ceremony is in French !

Discover the three 2021 winners and their projects : 

Naomi and Gbobètô, Lotty and her Biodiversité Amazonienne association and Joanne with Minéka.

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