Axelle de Russé agro-forestry fertilising trees in Togo with the APAF


The International Award is a new prize aimed at all women around the world who want to give something back!

RuhamaGetahun is Ethiopian and Vandana Shiva is Indian. Both of these inspiring women will forever remain etched in our memories as the first ever winners of our International Award on the theme of living soils for a living planet.

Launched in Spring 2019, this new award seeks to give all women around the world, regardless of where they live, the recognition they deserve for the action they are taking on the ground to foster biodiversity.

As the driving force behind the initiative, Jacques Rocher has always believed that women are the key to our future. Now more than ever, when climate negotiations are in full swing, he advocates the need to collectively amplify the voices of the women working hard on the ground every day. Countless studies have illustrated the key role women play within their communities when it comes to protecting the environment and biodiversity..

Our planet’s female assets!

The sensitivity, pragmatism and expertise of women are qualities that shine through on the ground despite the sometimes challenging conditions, paving the way for innovative possibilities, fostering a new sense of community and encouraging inventive, groundbreaking forms of cooperation.

Entrepreneurship, mutual assistance and collective, individual or altruistic action form a patchwork of initiatives led by women in response to the many challenges faced by our planet, humanity and the future, in line with sustainable development goals.
Because protecting the future starts today and because tackling the climate emergency requires every ounce of energy and drive out there, we launched our International Award so that all women around the world working to protect the environment could step forward.

Women of action: join our movement!

If you’re a woman working to protect our beautiful planet and if your project corresponds to each year’s pre-set theme (which we publish ahead of time in our newsletter – sign up to stay informed!), join us!

If you fulfil all these criteria, we invite you to apply in the fall of 2021 : the 2020 season is now closed.

In February, our judging panel made up of experts, scientists and journalists will assess each of the projects submitted to select the winners, who will receive the Award during a fantastic prize-giving ceremony in Paris in April. This event marks the winners’ initiation into a community of award-winning, committed and supportive women.

SUPPORT comitted women,
initiatives in favour of biodiversity and the Foundation's work.
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