International Award 2023 les zones humides - wetlands


The International Award is a prize aimed at all women around the world who want to give something back!

Launched in 2019, the Terre de Femmes International Award is a thematic prize open to all citizens of the world. It rewards field actions carried out by a woman or
a group of women, in a non-profit structure.

In 2001, Jacques Rocher created the Terre de Femmes prize within the Yves Rocher Foundation, which rewards and supports nearly 500 women committed to nature, around the world.

Terre de Femmes, a community of women committed to nature!

Because tomorrow is preserved today, because the climate emergency requires all the strongest forces, we thought of the “Terre de Femmes International Award” as a prize open to all citizens of the world involved in projects with strong environmental, social and societal impact.

By collectively supporting this great adventure for nature, we are helping to build a better tomorrow for current and future generations.


Wetlands, natural areas at risk

A wetland is above all a universe between land and water. This place of life of many species purifies water and air, retains carbon, regulates floods… and many other things.

Amphibians, insects, plants… 40% of all species in the world live in wetlands.

However, 87% of these have disappeared in the world in 3 centuries. The phenomenon has accelerated since the 1970s since 35% of these areas have disappeared… 3 times faster than the forests.

Wetlands are in great danger, their preservation is essential for the fight against climate risks and the collapse of biodiversity.

Women of action, join the movement!

  • Are you an adult woman (or a group of women) committed to the subject of the preservation of wetlands?
  • Does your project have a strong environmental AND social impact (involvement of local communities)?
  • Is your structure an NGO, an association or a foundation?

The Terre de Femmes Prize is made for you!

The endowment is €10,000

End of the 2023 call for applications: November 30, 2022

Applications files are available in 3 languages. Click on the flag to download it:

International Award 2023 les zones humides - wetlands
SUPPORT comitted women,
initiatives in favour of biodiversity and the Foundation's work.
#let's cultivate commitment

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