Mathias Depardon

Immersion et engagement

Born in Nice in 1980, Mathias Depardon uses an immersive documentary approach to go to the heart of themes that reveal important political and socio-economic issues in high-tension territories. Through portraits and landscapes, he investigates a Turkey torn between modernisation and tradition.

After studying journalism and communication in Brussels, he chose to devote himself to documentary reporting and photography. His multi-award-winning photographs have been exhibited as part of his TransAnatolia exhibition in several institutions, including the Institut Français, the Bibliothèque Nationale de France and the Musée des Archives Nationales in Paris.

As the winner of the 2020 Yves Rocher Foundation – Visa Pour l’Image Photo Award, Mathias tells us more about his project “Gold Rivers – The Land in Between” at an informal meeting in Perpignan.

Are you working on a photojournalism project that carries an important message about the environment and the relationship between humans and nature?

If so, apply to the Yves Rocher Foundation & Visa pour l’Image Photo Award to be in with a chance of winning a grant, an exhibition and support from artists committed to a cause.

Discover Mathias Depardon’s work on his website:

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