Portrait de Brent Stirton, photoreporter et auteur de Pantanal, un Eden en danger pour la Fondation Yves Rocher

Brent Stirton: Encounters with an Endangered Eden

The renowned South African journalist Brent Stirton is passionate about documenting the world. His investigative work has a strong focus on wildlife and conservation issues and has been widely published and celebrated around the globe, including by the United Nations.

THE PANTANAL: an Endangered Eden

“It was a privilege for me to go”

The Pantanal is a natural area of 200,000 km² which is living under immense threat. It is constantly endangered by human activity and its devastating consequences, which include fires and floods, dams, intensive farming and livestock farming and mining, among other issues. 87% of wetlands have disappeared.


“It was incredible, the perfect expression of nature’s potential and the possibility of reviving ecosystems. That what the Pantanal represents.,” Brent Stirton


Photojournalist Brent Stirton and accompanying senior reporter Vincent Joly spent several weeks in the heart of Brazil’s Pantanal to bear witness to this protected area’s vulnerability. A regular collaborator to National Geographic and Le Figaro Magazine, Stirton has won several prizes for his long-term projects examining human exploitation of the natural world and its resources and, in this latest work, his photos tell us a hopeful story about a pocket of the living world which we must get to know better if we are to protect it.


This project was funded by the Yves Rocher Foundation as part of its photographic campaign “For Biodiversity’s Sake”.


‘What I want to show in my pictures is causality: an action and its consequences. I think that’s really how we get to better understand the world,” Brent Stirton.

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