Portrait of the Yves Rocher Foundation Photo Prize 2021 winner, Gabriele Cecconi

Gabriele Cecconi

Born in Italy in 1985, Gabriele Cecconi seeks to highlight social, political and environmental issues that get little press attention through his work as a photojournalist.

Gabriele is passionate about the relationship between humans and the environment, and began to familiarise himself with documentary photography after completing his law degree. His work has been consistently published in Italian magazines since 2014.

The goal of his project “The Wretched and the Earth” is to raise public awareness of environmental issues linked to the Rohingya migration crisis in Bangladesh. It was in September 2021 that we presented him with the Yves Rocher Foundation Photo Award at the Visa Pour l’Image Festival in Perpignan. It was the perfect opportunity to talk to him about his work and all the issues his project touched upon.

Are you working on a photojournalism project that carries an important message about the environment and the relationship between humans and nature?

Enter the Yves Rocher Foundation Photo Award to be in with a chance of winning a grant and seeing your work exhibited at the La Gacilly Photo Festival.

Explore Gabriele Cecconi’s work on his website: http://www.gabrielececconi.org/

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