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Adding a touch of green to the asphalt

Heatwaves, drought and forest fires. Spain is the most arid part of Europe. Trees are suffering as a result and wildlife is deserting this damaged habitat, weakened by drought and human activity.

The Yves Rocher Foundation is supporting the Heliconia association in setting up a vast green corridor in Alcalá de Henares to re-establish biodiversity. The project aims to reforest a park in a suburban area that’s lacking in green spaces, thus bringing vegetation back into the region so that biodiversity can blossom. This is particularly crucial in light of the nearby Natura 2000 area.
The Foundation on the front-line of climate-change issues
The Foundation’s work represents a breath of fresh air for this suburban area, which has suffered the suffocating effects of successive heatwaves. The goal is to improve the wellbeing of local residents in this working-class area by giving them a little slice of nature in the city.

Fond more out the Spain’s project : https://heliconia.es/fr/

If you want to find out more about our tree planting programme in France and around the world,

discover Plant for the Planet.


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