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Support forest conservation

Rehabilitating degraded forests in Tanzania. This is the mission of the Tanzania Forest Conservation Group.


Population in Tanzania grow, cities expand and forests degrade and eventually disappear. For Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG), it is about regenerating degraded forests. Local populations are aware of the need to preserve natural forests but need support on agroforestry issues.

The project

The project is located in no fewer than 26 villages in the Eastern Arc mountain range. It is planned to take place over three years: from July 2020 to August 2023.

TFCG wants to involve farmers in planting trees and training them in agroforestry techniques. The choice of species to plant and areas to reforest is made directly by farmers according to their needs.

A few words about the NGO

The Tanzania Forest Conservation Group was created in the 1980s in Tanzania. In 1992, she started planting trees. Since that date, she has already planted more than 16,800,000 throughout the country !

Do you want to know more about our tree planting program in France and around the world?


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