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Plant to fight sandstoms

To fight against wind erosion which damages agricultural soils in Turkey. The DKM association decided to install windbreaks around the fields.


Central Anatolia is the driest area of Turkey and suffers from wind erosion. Due to the low vegetation cover in the region, the strong winds are violent and dry out the land. But the local population depends on agriculture to live. It was therefore necessary to imagine natural infrastructures to reduce this wind erosion.

The project

DKM’s project aims to install windbreaks on fields to protect soils and crops from dry and hot winds in Konya province in Turkey.

The planting sites were selected by the District Agriculture and Forestry Department and the species chosen are local and drought resistant species. They are fast growing, disease resistant, suitable for almost any soil and climate.

The Fondation Yves Rocher is committed through this project to financing the planting of 30,000 trees on the land of 10 farmers in central Anatolia. The participation and motivation of the peasants is therefore the basis for the implementation of this project, because it is the peasants who will protect the young trees and who will maintain the sites.

A few words about the NGO

DKM (Nature Conservation Center) is a foundation established in 2004 by a group of experienced ecologists and conservationists. DKM works with the Konya Soil, Water and Desertification Control Research Institute.

Learn more about the Turkey project :   https://dkm.org.tr/

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