The spirit of the tree

Sadhguru, the man behind 25 million new trees, is also a spiritual leader. By spreading awareness, he is accomplishing the impossible: pushing back the desert a little more each day.


Tamil Nadu, a state in southern India, is an area seriously threatened by desertification, caused by deforestation explained in particular by an unsustainable agricultural practice. Without immediate and effective action to maintain its water resources, this region will become a desert. Only the restoration of forest cover could prevent this disaster scenario.

The project

Rolling back the desert is the crazy bet of Sadhguru, this spiritual master who spread his good word by convincing thousands of people to plant and restore millions of trees.

This project, supported by the Fondation Yves Rocher, is also that of another model of agricultural production: it combines forest plantations, crops and livestock in a perspective of economic and ecological balance. Among the spaces of planted trees, there are fruit trees, flowering trees but also medicinal varieties. Between 2007 and 2020 we supported Sadhguru and his association Isha Foundation in its project for the planting of more than 32 million trees, the objective being to restore the vegetation cover of the Tamil Nadu area.

This component includes training for students where classes learn to take care of a nursery set up within their school. The seedlings thus produced are then distributed for planting, usually in students’ homes or on their streets. Thus, thousands of students have participated in the development and maintenance of school nurseries since the beginning of the program.

A few words about the NGO

Created in 1992 by Sadhguru, an Indian spiritual leader with a rare charisma, the Isha Foundation launched its “Green Hands” project in 2005 to plant 114 million trees by mobilizing thousands of volunteers (citizens, school children, farmers, etc.) of this objective.

For futher

And since youth is the future, it was important for Isha to raise awareness among school students in Tamil Nadu and directly involve them in tree production projects in school nurseries.

Learn more about the India project:

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