The spirit of the tree

Sadhguru, the man behind 25 million new trees, is also a spiritual leader. By spreading awareness, he is accomplishing the impossible: pushing back the desert a little more each day.

An impossible task undertaken by a spiritual leader, who succeeded in convincing thousands of people to plant millions of trees to ward off the desert and spread the word.

The Tamil Nadu region of India is under dire threat of desertification. Without immediate, effective action to maintain its water resources, it is destined to become a desert. Restoring forest cover was the only way to prevent this catastrophe. Established in 1992 by Sadhguru, an incredibly charismatic Indian spiritual leader, the Isha Foundation launched its ‘GreenHands’ project in 2005 to plant 114 million trees by calling on the help of thousands of volunteers (citizens, schoolchildren, farmers, and more). This project, supported by the Yves Rocher Foundation, also aims to implement a different approach to agricultural production, combining forest plantations, farming and livestock rearing in a way that achieves economic and ecological balance. The Foundation supported his project to plant 25 million trees.

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