Trees sustain the planet and those who plant them

The Yves Rocher Foundation is committed to plant 100 million trees. With the community of planters, around the world, it is the challenge of biodiversity.

Why plant?

100 MILLION trees

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Why plant?

Forests play a variety of roles, such as regulating the climate, contributing to the water cycle, protecting and maintaining soil quality, serving as a habitat for many different plant and animal species, acting as a rich and crucial biodiversity reserve and providing food and building materials for humans. These multifaceted roles make forests key to preserving the earth’s ecological balance.

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By 2020, the Yves Rocher Foundation is committed to plant 100 million trees.

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More than 70 million trees planted, in 27 countries, 31 NGOs with worldwide expertise

I Love Trees

In 2015, the I Love Trees operation was created to make love declaration to the trees all over the world, and give life to the planters community online ! 1 Tree Hug posted = 1 tree planted

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