Frans Krajcberg

Art as a manifesto for ecology

FransKrajcberg led a dual fight to save art and the planet from those who seek to destroy nature.

FransKrajcberg died on 15 November 2017 aged 96. This artist and activist led a dual fight to save art and the planet from those who seek to destroy nature. Photographer, painter and sculptor FransKrajcberg worked tirelessly in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.
The artist’s work primarily took off in Brazil, where he lived in harmony with the natural world. Every morning, he would set off armed with his camera to try to capture everything the naked eye is incapable of seeing. Photography forms a key part of his opus, serving as the backbone of his work. His epic, monumental sculptures were made from ‘recovered’ wood sourced from the Amazon rainforest forest fires.

I look for ways to express my outcry against the destruction of nature. My work is a manifesto.

Over time, he began pouring all his energy into saving the Amazon rainforest. This committed artist travelled the globe on a mission to convince world leaders of the urgency of this major ecological issue. In 2003, the EspaceKrajcberg opened in Paris to display the artist’s work. Today, it is leading an important debate on the role of art in the fight for ecological survival.

The Yves Rocher Foundation supports this artist’s commitment to the cause in two ways.

  • It is one of the EspaceKrajcberg’s financial sponsors and in 2015, the Foundation supported the centre with its ‘Cri pour la Planète’ exhibition, which was organised to coincide with the United Nations Climate Change Conference. The event was designed to unite France, Peru, Brazil, Native American representatives and artists around a shared ambition to shine a light on the Amazon rainforest’s cause during the Conference in Paris in December 2015.
  • It also lends its support to the YorenkaAtame centre (a forest bushcraft school and training centre) and its agroforestry and reforesting initiative, located in the Brazilian state of Acre and founded in 2007 by BenkiPiyakoAshaninka. Thanks to this support, the centre is working to plant 10,000 trees in this endangered region of the Amazon.


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