Terres de Femmes, 20 years committed to changing the world

Dreamt up by Jacques Rocher, the Terre de Femmes Award has been celebrating heroic women in France and abroad since 2001, raising a glass to their environmental initiatives and efforts. All of these women are engaged in local schemes to change the world through projects that aim to help save the planet and support communities. Terre de Femmes is also synonymous with an incredible community of supportive prizewinners. Here, we look back over 20 years committed to enacting change.

It all started with a discussion between Jacques and his father Yves Rocher, the man who founded his eponymous brand that puts both women and nature centre-stage. From the outset, the two men intended Terre de Femmes to be a celebration of women working to protect the environment. The idea – which was pioneering at the time – was that the Yves Rocher Foundation would financially support women taking action on the ground. The aim of this commitment was two-fold: to foster greater gender equality, and to protect the environment.

“This year, the Terre de Femmes programme turns 20. It encompasses nearly 500 women in 50 beneficiary countries who began to orchestrate change well before the eco-feminist movement was formalised. Working each in her own way, these women are busy shaping new relationships with their regions, advocating altruism, solidarity and courage.” This quote from Jacques Rocher, creator of the Yves Rocher Foundation, resonates all the more powerfully in 2021 after a particularly tough and challenging year for many.

Do you also have a project in favour of biodiversity, with a social and environmental focus? Are you looking for support?

Apply for the Terre de Femmes Award and you could win a grant and the support of a whole network of committed women.

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