Terre de Femmes France 2020 Ceremony

Terre de Femmes 2020

Backstage at the ceremony in France

“These women are blazing a trail of courage”

« Every day, I am increasingly convinced of the need to showcase our Terre de Femmes prizewinners. Because through their projects, these women remind us of the essential bond that connects us to the living world and to nature – whether for health, food, well-being or social solidarity. I think we should all be following their example to surpass ourselves and build a beautiful future together for the generations to come, » says Marie-Anne Gasnier, General Manager of the Yves Rocher Foundation. These words ring even truer in the rather particular and emotional context of the 2020 ceremony.
Congratulations to Ayanna, Gaëlle and Pauline, our three 2020 France winners, and welcome to the Terre de Femmes community! Here, we share a few photos from the ceremony.

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