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Planting argan trees for a fair, sustainable economy

In the Essaouira and Agadir regions of Morocco, argan trees are a native species with benefits that have been documented for centuries.

As the emblematic plant of the kingdom, argan trees provide employment for over 2,000 people, mostly women, in the cooperatives tasked with extracting their oil.
Argan trees currently account for 14% of Moroccan forests and are now under threat. The tree’s wood has been mercilessly felled to make charcoal, while its natural habitat has been rapidly deteriorating, notably as a result of intensive farming. Protecting argan trees and securing labelling for its related ancestral oil-pressing sector was thus urgent to ensure that oil extraction could be conducted in the right conditions for building a fair and sustainable economy.
After meeting André Azoulay, Counsel to the King, and KatimAlaoui, Director of the Mohamed VI Argan Tree Protection and Research Foundation, in 2009, Jacques Rocher decided to lend the Yves Rocher Foundation’s support to a replanting campaign in Morocco.

Learn more about the projet of Marocco : http://www.fm6e.org/

If you want to find out more about our tree planting programme in France and around the world,

discover Plant for the Planet.

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