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Re-establishing the woodland and undergrowth of a natural maple grove

Mount Royal Park is an unrivalled oasis of greenery in the heart of Quebec. An exemplary cry for help!


Mount Royal Park spans around 10 km² and stretches over five different administrative areas. Today, the park is an unrivalled oasis of greenery in the heart of this Quebecois city. But protecting this space is no mean feat, and preservation associations are required to fight off property development lobbies time and time again.
Les Amis de la Montagne is a not-for-profit organisation that was founded in 1981. It aims to raise awareness about environmental issues and provide the resources required to help protect and preserve Mount Royal. It works with several companies to bring their cause to the attention of the general public.
The planting campaign implemented with the Yves Rocher Foundation took place in the spring and autumn of 2013. Because the site attracts such large crowds, the priority was developing a programme that would illustrate the project’s vocation as a plant-protecting campaign that is both eco-friendly and scientifically sound. The first step was to recreate the woodland and undergrowth typically found in a Canadian maple grove in the Montreal region. Next, the priority was to enrich the undergrowth with fruit bushes to provide an extra source of food for animals, which were present in slightly higher numbers than in their natural environment on a site with high human contact, pointing to a slight imbalance. The initiative’s key impact was to raise awareness locally about how valuable this natural haven in the middle of town really is. All planting was carried out by volunteers, who were recruited through a public appeal.

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