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Jamila Bargach

Guaranteeing access to drinking water for the poor in the desert area of Sidi Ifni.

Through the Dar Si Hmad Association she has been directing since 2009, Jamila leads a large-scale project in south-western Morocco to collect water from fog to offset the water shortages affecting local communities.

The extremely harsh weather conditions of the Moroccan Anti-Atlas mountain range have a huge impact on the lives of local residents. The population in this poor, arid and landlocked area suffer from recurring droughts and a lack of infrastructure enabling access to drinking water. To address this social and sanitary issue, the Dar Si Hmad Association set up a fog sensor station at the top of Mount Boutmezguida, which towers over five villages near Sidi Ifni.

The world’s largest fog water collection project

At an altitude of 1,225 metres, huge nets extend over 1,700 m2 to collect the thick, recurring fog water in this mountainous region. The CloudFisher nets capture fine water droplets suspended in the air. The water obtained is then processed and channelled through pipes to supply the villages with drinking water.

Immediate repercussions on the lives of Moroccan villagers

Thanks to CloudFisher’s net technology, a regular supply of drinking water has put an end to the arduous task of harvesting water – a chore primarily assigned to women. Now, instead of travelling miles to collect water, the women in the village use their spare time to take part in courses run by the Dar Si Hmad Association. The scheme has also helped curb rural flight by providing the water needed for agricultural activities. Building on this success, the project aims to continue expanding to cover the water needs of other neighbouring villages.

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