From Rio 1992 to Rio 2012

Fondation Yves Rocher300 000 people signed the "Call for Tropical Forests", brung by Jacques Rocher to the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio

In 1992, the Rio Earth Summit was a truly historic event. Never before had so many world leaders been assembled for this key issue: the health of our planet. Organized under the auspices of the United Nations conference on Environment and Development, the 1992 Earth Summit delivers a fundamental text: the Rio Declaration. This text marks the origin of the concept of sustainable development. Just like energy, health or justice, biodiversity finally makes its entrance to the international agenda.

In 1992, Yves Rocher is among the four French companies invited to this summit. This opportunity allows Jacques Rocher, Honorary President of the Yves Rocher Foundation, to advocate the cause of forests with the "Call for tropical forests”, a petition signed by 300,000 customers.

20 years later, the Yves Rocher Foundation and the Yves Rocher Brand return to Rio de Janeiro in order to carry the message of the vital preservation of biodiversity. In their luggage: the "Tribe planters" and the goal of planting, by 2015, 50 million trees worldwide.

Rio + 20: The planting Tribe in action

Every year 13 million hectares of forests are wiped off the face of the earth, devoured by agribusiness, the outrageous exploitation of natural resources, urbanization and wars. These forests are our pharmacies, our pantry, our planetary air, our water treatment plants and a huge source of renewable energy. Because our future depends on their survival, we must all join together to save them.

To mark the 20th anniversary of the Yves Rocher Foundation-Institut de France, Jacques Rocher launched the “Planting Tribe”, a campaign to mobilize international real human chain to defend issues of reforestation and conservation of biodiversity in the next Rio Summit in 2012.

Jacques Rocher«To move a young tree is a strong symbolic act, it is to say to the others they can do something useful for everyone and for the Planet.» Jacques Rocher


Together, from La Gacilly to Moscow, from Paris to the Cape of Good Hope, from Sydney to Vancouver, the members of the Planting Tribe will go to Rio in 2012 to affirm that a greener world is more than a possibility, it is a necessity!


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