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Yariely Del Rocio Balam Ballote

Bees and their honey

Professional biologist Yariely runs a programme aimed at enhancing Mayan communities’ awareness and understanding of the protected native stingless bee species.

Professional biologist Yariely runs a women’s development programme that organises training workshops to preserve and enrich the Mayan communities’ knowledge of a protected species: the native stingless bee.

The programme has trained two groups of Mayan women, with a total of 29 women from 26 families participating.

Through her association P.I.M.V.S. Tumben Kuxtal, Yariely was able to classify the Mayan ‘native stingless bee’ in communities to the south and east of the state. She then presented this work at Mexico’s Ethnobiology Conference in 2018. She also set up a programme at the CECA Tumben Kuxtal (an environmental training and education centre) to shed light on the Nolo, Tixkokob and Yucatán communities’ relationship with native bees.

The programme was even able to roll out workshops and classes about the conservation and the long-term benefits of native stingless bees, training two groups of Mayan women, with a total of 29 women from 26 families participating.

The initiatives being developed across the Yucatán Peninsula were showcased at a plenary assembly on the subject of native stingless bee conservation, attended by 41 people from six different research bodies, three civil society organisations, three honey bee farming groups, a government body and private individuals.

More about Yariely’s project :

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