Lauriane Mouysset and the ecological challenge

Economist and ecologist

Lauriane works on reconciling economic and ecological issues within public policy with a view to sustainably managing biodiversity

Doctor of green economics LaurianeMouysset is a CNRS researcher. Following her studies in environmental economics and ecology at France’s ÉcoleNormaleSupérieure, she continued her research at the French National Natural History Museum and the University of Cambridge.
She develops multidisciplinary models and conducts research into our societies’ sustainable management potential within their framework ecosystems. While carrying out her doctorate and post-doctorate work at the French National Natural History Museum and the University of Cambridge, she investigated the issue of farming, and public agricultural policies in juxtaposition to the issue of biodiversity.

LaurianeMouysset has published a book on the pressing ecological challenges our societies face, as well as a number of articles in international newspapers.

book laurianemouyssetrepenser le défi de la biodiversité

Lauriane Mouysset’s book Repenser le défi de la biodiversité was published in May 2015, and is an introductory overview of the green economy, presented by the author as “an academic approach that could be seen as the scientific mirror image of political ecology”. In her book, Mouysset provides readers with an introduction to the theoretical ambitions inherent to this emerging field of research, in which the goal is to develop new ways of tackling economic and ecological issues simultaneously with a view to supporting decision-making processes in public policy. Although the green economy can apply to a range of different ecological issues, Mouysset focuses on biodiversity and its protection.



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