27 Foundation with Raoni, great chief of the Kayapos people - 30 years

27. Foundation

Visit in May 2019 in La Gacilly of Raoni, great chief of the Kayapos people (Brazilian territory) and emblematic figure of the fight for the preservation of the Amazon rainforest and indigenous culture.


This year, we turn 30!

After 18 years overseen by the prestigious Institut de France, the Foundation has now been awarded official ’public utility’ status as well as PEN (Partenaire Engagé pour la Nature) certification for our Plant for Life and Terre de Femmes programmes. This is a true badge of honour for our commitment to working for nature and the common good. We’re delighted with the recognition and plan to harness this new momentum to drive our adventure on.

Fondation yves rocher


Terre de Femmes
upports women in their work to protect the environment.

Plant for Life
is our movement to plant trees and protect forests around the world,
and has already successfully planted 100 million trees in total.

Photos, Peuples et Nature
is our way of supporting photographers with a conscience, who shed their own unique light on the world around us.

Plantes & Biodiversité
help front-line projects fighting to protect our flora and biodiversity.

SUPPORT comitted women,
initiatives in favour of biodiversity and the Foundation's work.
#let's cultivate commitment

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