22. Art


Sophie and Régis, a couple of visual artists, were invited by the Yves Rocher Foundation to create artwork for the Biodiversity Observatory in La Gacilly. After wandering around the site, they decided to pay tribute to an incredible fishing spider: the raft spider. A symbol of biodiversity and fragility, this raft spider made of metal and heather invites us to immerse ourselves in nature in all its ordinary and extraordinary facets, with the only fear being that of seeing this world wither away.

Working with artists and photographers, giving them the opportunity to embed their approach in a region-specific context, to immerse themselves in a setting in order to create powerful work that resonates. At the Yves Rocher Foundation, art is all about encounters – encounters with the artists themselves as well as between artists and specific regions. It’s also all about time. We give them plenty of time to soak in and draw inspiration from the locations we invite them to explore.

Back to our 30 words that matter …

SUPPORT comitted women,
initiatives in favour of biodiversity and the Foundation's work.
#let's cultivate commitment

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