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Belgium’s Flanders region is one of Europe’s areas with the least trees. With the Yves Rocher Foundation’s support, the Natuurpunt association will be planting 5,000 trees.


Flanders is one of the least wooded regions in Europe, and this lack of forestland is a threat to biodiversity. The Asse region near Brussels is densely populated and suffers from intense urban sprawl. The Gondebeek nature reserve in Merelbeke is home to woodland and meadows, and has great biological potential.

Local residents are stepping up to tackle these issues and are seeking to take action with Natuurpunt. The association and its volunteers have planted 2,000 trees in Merelbeke and will plant 3,000 more in the municipality of Asse. A little greenery for locals to enjoy!

The project

With the support of the Yves Rocher Foundation, the Natuurpunt association has undertaken to plant new forests in Merelbeke and the municipality of Asse. During the first planting season, the first 2,000 trees were planted in Merelbeke. During the next season, we will plant 3,000 trees together in Asse.

Over the 2021-2022 season, tree-planting in Asse will be rolled out in two main areas.

  • Vissenzyp Valley: 1,600 trees and shrubs to expand the nearby Bois des Agneaux wood.
  • Bois d’Yzenbeek wood: 1,400 trees in the forest’s neighbouring field with the aim of increasing its surface area by 1.6.

Aware of just how important this is to local residents, Natuurpunt is seeking to get the general public as involved as possible in reforesting these areas. This initiative also aims to raise awareness of the benefits of reforestation among young people.

A few words about the NGO

Natuurpunt is the largest association for the protection of nature in Flanders. Since 2001, thousands of volunteers have been working to protect local landscapes and biodiversity.

The association mainly works by purchasing grounds it then maintains, and is committed to informing and educating the general public on issues surrounding protecting biodiversity. It also works as a pressure group to shape policy and trigger action.

In total, Natuurpunt manages 500 natural spaces for a total surface area of 25,000 hectares, and has 123,000 member households signed up. The association is committed to planting 1,750,000 trees in Flanders between 2020 and 2024.

What species are we planting?

The species planted in the Vissenzyp Valley and Bois d’Yzenbeek wood include willows, blackthorn and oaks. All the trees planted here are endemic species grown in nurseries.

If you want to find out more about our tree planting programme in France and around the world,

discover PLANT FOR LIFE.

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