9. Plant For Life

Plant For Life

Climate change, soil erosion, destruction of ecosystems and biodiversity, and pandemics: the list goes on. Planting trees is a powerful, holistic and ecosystem-focused response to the crisis we are experiencing. All over the world, we’ve been working with committed, passionate men and women to plant 100 million trees. And this is only just the beginning!

With the new PLANT FOR LIFE scheme, the fight continues. Working alongside our partners we’re planting and kick-starting new initiatives to help protect our forests.

2025 goal:

135 million trees planted

35 beneficiary countries


With Plant For Life, hand in hand with our partners, we’re asserting our commitment to planting trees in a sustainable way, to create the right conditions for a true regeneration of our ecosystems. Five founding principles guide our actions:

Planting for biodiversity

Our forests are home to 80% of the planet’s biodiversity, which means it’s absolutely essential we protect them. By planting diversified local species, we’re working to sustainably return biodiversity to the planet’s depleted forests.

Deeping our knowledge of trees

Agro-forestry and sustainable forest management are practices that should be propagated around the world. A better understanding of trees and forests will deepen our knowledge without harming ecosystems.

Planting for peace

Planting trees brings communities together, encouraging them to work together to ward off conflict and climate change.

Planting for living soil

Trees help stop soil erosion, retain water and moisture, and fertilise the land. Through agro-forestry, they provide a livelihood for farmers and their families,
and food for humanity.

Planting for future generations

Trees play a key role in the water cycle, and are essential to our food supplies, our economies, and to keep us alive: now and in the future.

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