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23. Hope


Healing, rejoining society, reconnecting with oneself, and feeling better… The benefits of contact with nature cannot be underestimated. A walk in the forest, a swim in the sea, a mountain hike or a simple half-hour of gardening are all it takes to break away from the hectic pace of city life and are deeply beneficial to the soul. These projects are all proof of this, and illustrate the hope-restoring goodness of the natural world.

Anne Ribes, first Terre de Femmes winner, is a practitioner of the art of horticultural therapy: healing through gardening. She works with hospital inpatients, giving them the opportunity to tend a vegetable patch with her, and watching as nature works its magic.

Milène Matos, 2015 Terre de Femmes winner, train former prison inmates in forest protection, giving them a second chance and a new lease of life amidst the trees. 

Anne Maltoni, 2016 Terre de Femmes winner, turned a former farm into an equine-assisted therapy centre for people with autism.

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