20 animals - 30 years Foundation

20. Animals


Animals play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of our planet’s ecosystems. Restoring habitats ravaged by deforestation, planting hedges and hedgerows to foster animal biodiversity in our countryside, and fighting to save endangered species… We support a host of projects that aim to protect wildlife.


Studying the diversity of wild pollinators

on the island of Ouessant alongside the French Biodiversity Agency and the Gretia association.


Caring for wild animals

victims of trafficking and poaching with Isabelle Paquet-Durand, veterinarian and her association Belize Wildlife & Refferal Clinic.


Saving the great blue whale

in Nicaragua with Joëlle de Weerdt and her association Nicacetacea.


Plant for lemurs

in Madagascar, alongside the National Museum of Natural History in Paris and the Identi’Terre association.

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