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18 Sep 17

Sadhguru and “Rally For Rivers” : the man willing to save indian rivers

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Since September 3rd 2017, “Rally For Rivers” has been acting in India. More than a classical car race, “Rally For Rivers” is a huge phenomenon in India country. Founded by Sadhguru from Isha Foundation, it aims to raise awareness about the need for saving indian dying rivers.

Sadhguru, spiritual leader

Sadhguru is one of the most inspiring and influencing people in India. Yogi master, he is nowadays considered as a real spiritual guide for thousands of people. In 1992, this charismatic spiritual leader founded Isha Foundation, which let him promote his vision of life and his values, considering them as essential, such as education and environment concerns.

Isha Foundation and Yves Rocher Foundation – Institute of France’s partnership

In 2005, Isha Foundation launched “GreenHands” program. Regarding the raising desertification of Tamil Nadu zone in India, the Foundation is willing to plant 114 millions of trees, through the help of many volunteers. Indeed, only forests can save the water resources of the region. Since 2007, The Yves Rocher Foundation – Institute of France has been supporting Isha Foundation and made a commitment to plant 25 millions of trees by its side, by April 2018.

“Rally For Rivers”, not only a car race : a movement calling to awaken consciousnesses

In July, 2017, Sadhguru introduced “Rally For Rivers” within the framework of Isha Fondation. More than a classic automobile race, the event is similar to a call to awaken people’s consciousnesses. Indeed, the campaign Rally For Rivers is deployed in 16 indian states and wishes to make sensitive men and women in the catastrophic situation of the Indian rivers, drastically threatened of extinction because of the drought, raging in the country.

Demographic pressure, pressure of the development … Rivers disappear little by little, to the point that most of the main rivers of India are the subject of inter-states debates because of their water becoming rare and precious. Therefore, during 30 days, Rally For Rivers organizes 23 events around 7000 kilometers of road in the course of which Sadhguru wishes to reunite the Indian population in the cause of rivers.

Trees, these heroes necessary for nature to survive

At the same time as kilometers are browsed by the participants during the race, Sadhguru calls for the vote of all by telephone to 8009 8009 ( Indian number) to support the cause of rivers. The final end of it is a project of restoration that will be presented to the government on October 2nd, 2017.

The idea is that rivers are a source of essential life that we have to protect for the future generations. But who would be able to save the Indian rivers? Trees !

Sadhguru explains us why :

The Indian rivers are especially maintained thanks to the rain. But, how do the rivers make to survive even during the season of the drought ? Thanks to forests assuring the flow of rivers, even when the rain stops. The roots of trees return the porous ground, allowing it to absorb the water and to maintain it when the rain falls. Afterward, this water is spread in rivers gradually during the year, which allows them to be constantly fed.

On the contrary, if there are no trees … A vicious circle of floods followed by droughts is maintained. Indeed, during the monsoon, the excess of water extends beyond on the surface of banks what causes floods when there are not enough trees, because without the roots of trees the ground is not capable of absorbing the rainwater. When the monsoon ends, rivers dry out because the humidity of the ground to feed them cannot be kept without trees. That is why it is essential to maintain a significant number of trees along riversides.

Besides, maintaining this number of trees would allow immense profits for the country, as environmental as social and economic for the country :

– Trees allow a purification of rivers, they would insure water and food at the same time for the present and future generations
– Secure water resources are essential in the life and in the well-being of the country and its economy
– The farmers’income could be multiplied by at least three or four times their current salary thanks to the culture of fruit trees on banks. To increase their salary would constitute a consequent positive impact because they represent a big part of the Indian labor force
– It would also allow diversification and a boost for Indian rural economy

That is why on October 2nd, 2017 in Delhi, at the end of Rally For Rivers, Sadhguru plans to ask the government the plantation of a minimum of one kilometer tree cover on riversides to regenerate the latter.

The Yves Rocher foundation – Institute of France greet this beautiful project that has to be more shared all over the world.
We can all in our scale be a bearer of Sadhguru’s message.


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