Festival photo  Gacilly


The spiritual home of committed photography

Photography immortalises the passing of time, capturing the beauty of our planet to remind us of the fragility of its lands and forests, and to bear witness to human action. La Gacilly is where it all comes to life.

Through their unique vision and images, photographers are both witnesses and catalysts of change. The photography on show here appeals to our conscience and inspires viewers to react by illustrating just how urgent it is we take action.



Festival photographique Gacilly

By choosing to exhibit at La Gacilly Photo Festival, we hope to introduce as many people as possible to the work produced by the photographers involved in our photography missions or by those we support via the Yves Rocher Foundation – Visa pour l’Image Photo Award.



The Foundation and the Festival: a long-standing partnership

The Yves Rocher Foundation is the historic partner of La Gacilly Photo Festival, an event that showcases ethical, humanistic and meaningful photography based on human interaction with the environment. Tucked away in the Morbihan region, this village welcomes no fewer than 350,000 visitors between June and September each year to explore a series of open-air galleries free of charge. The event also gives members of the public a glimpse of the vision upheld by the committed photographers working with the Foundation.



Festival photographique  Gacilly

Shining a light on the dynamism of these photographers working on the ground is another illustration of our commitment to protecting the planet’s biodiversity.



Festival photographique de la Gacilly
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initiatives in favour of biodiversity and the Foundation's work.
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