An Indian spiritual master

Today, this 60 year-old Indian yogi is revered for being a true spiritual guide for thousands of people.

Sadhguru, the spiritual leader

In 1992, charismatic spiritual leader Sadhguru created the Isha Foundation, providing him with a platform to express his vision of the world and promote values he deems essential, notably education and environmental protection. 

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The Isha Foundation and the Institut de France – Yves Rocher Foundation: a solid partnership

In 2005, the Isha Foundation launched its ‘GreenHands’ programme, whichhopes to plant 114 million trees with the help of thousands of volunteers to combat desertification in India’s Tamil Nadu region. Restoring forest cover is the only solution for saving the region’s water resources. The Institut de France – Yves Rocher Foundation has been supporting the Isha Foundation and its reforestation initiatives since 2007, and committed to help plant 25 million trees by April 2018.

Sadhguru, the man behind Rally For Rivers: a river-restoring project focused on trees

Indian rivers are reliant on rainfall. So how do they survive during the dry season? The answer is thanks to forests, which ensure rivers continue to flow even when the rain ceases to fall. Tree roots render the soil porous, allowing it to absorb and stock water when it rains. This water is then gradually funnelled into rivers throughout the year, providing them with a constant supply of water. Conversely, if there are no trees, a vicious cycle of flooding followed by drought is triggered. During the monsoon, excess water spills over the riverbanks, causing flooding when there aren’t enough trees: without tree roots, the soil is unable to absorb the rainwater. When the monsoon ends, the river beds dry up because the soil humidity needed for them to flow is no longer being stocked by trees. This is why it is so crucial to maintain a high number of trees along riverbanks.

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