News from the field: Bringing the Czech Republic’s forests back to life

Breaking news from our reforesting initiative in the Czech Republic, rolled out alongside our partner Čmelák.

What’s up in the Czech Republic?

Located an hour and a half away from Prague, the Czech Republic’s Liberec region is where the Yves Rocher Foundation is committed to planting 200,000 trees between 2021 and 2024.

Volunteers from Čmelák tackle issues surrounding preserving existing woodland and reforesting forests blighted by bark beetles, one of the knock-on effects of single-crop farming

How are things progressing in the Liberec region?

We travelled to the Czech Republic a few weeks ago to pay a visit to the Lesoskolky nursery. We met the director of the Doksy municipal forests board, who took us on a tour of the various planting sites in the area. We then visited a second site in Česká Lípa, where planting is coming along nicely.

At the Lesoskolky nursery, seeds are sown at the nursery in the autumn, and begin sprouting in the spring. They then take two and a half years to grow into saplings, ready to be transplanted to the forest.

Our partnership with Čmelák has enabled us to plant 117,000 trees already!

Find out more about our work in the Czech Republic:

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