Portrait Alain Schroeder Fondation Yves Rocher Visa pour l'Image 2022

Alain Schroeder – Photo Award Winner

Lauréat Prix Photo Fondation Yves Rocher - Visa pour l'Image 2022

Alain Schroeder, Belgian photojournalist, started in 2018 a photo report on these caregivers who save orangutans in Indonesia. This endangered species is forced to leave its natural habitat because of the monoculture of oil palms.

The Sumatran orangutan in Indonesia is seriously threatened by the relentless and continuous depletion and fragmentation of the rainforest. As palm oil and rubber plantations, logging, road building, mining and hunting continue to proliferate, orangutans are being driven from their natural rainforest habitat.

Some organizations save orangutans in difficulty (lost, injured, captive…) while others like the SOCP (Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program) treat, rehabilitate and resocialize orangutans in their dedicated medical structure.

Alain Schroeder’s images show daily life at the clinic and quarantine center while saving the lives of orangutans with the eventual goal of reintroducing them to the wild and creating genetically viable populations in protected forests. .

Do you also have a committed journalistic photo project, with a look at the environment and the relationship between humans and nature?

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