Marie-Anne Gasnier

Manager of The Yves Rocher Foundation

” When I was a little girl, I loved getting lost in my grandparents’ towering tomato plants.
I adored soaking up the colours and smells of their garden, and observing the insects at work there. I experienced this same sense of communion with nature during a university exchange in India, where I discovered the experimental township of Auroville. I returned there on a work placement to plant trees, which really touched me because it wasn’t just about the planting; it was also about the people involved there, who were trying to reduce their ecological footprint as far as possible. I like that community aspect, because I’m a firm believer in teamwork, where everyone pushes past their own personal interests to strive for the common good. The people I meet, especially through the Foundation, spur me on and give me renewed energy. “




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